Holiday Hustle

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Holiday Hustle


Are you ready for the Holiday Hustle?

What is that exactly? Well, the Holiday Hustle is a month-long challenge that we have created for agents to help breathe life into your business during the holiday season. When a lot of people are kicking their feet up and taking the holiday season to pat themselves on the back for a great 2017 - we know that digging deep, doubling down on what works, and committing to your business in the final stretch of the year can have a tremendous impact on the success of your 2018. A lot of the stuff is things you likely would do over the holidays anyway but adds an element of mindfulness of how you can leverage those activities to gain business. A few examples are:

  • Visit a local business and post about them on social
  • Write thank you notes to all of the people who referred you in 2017. 
  • Post on social media about growing your business and how people can help. 
  • Prepare and deliver (in person or electronically) 2 home value estimates to past clients. 
  • Fill out a 2018 content calendar (provided with directions)

These are just some of the activities. There are 3 per day (although you will get the full list immediately upon purchase) so many people will choose to front-load or stack their days to make them work for them. We don't feel strongly that anyone works it in a particular order. 

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