Concierge Style Training


Since our inception, we have been totally focused on helping agent's launch successful careers and thrive while doing so. 

We believe that training doesn't have to suck. In fact, we know it doesn't. Truly great training is the bedrock of a successful agent's career and we want to be a part of that. Before you jump to conclusions of this being a boring classroom-style training, let us explain ourselves. We exclusively partner with awesome brokerages. Alyssa personally speaks to each broker/owner to get to know them, their company's culture, and their people before she agrees to work with them because she believes that when we all mesh, magic happens. After coming up through independent brokerages, Alyssa has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by independent brokerages and has specifically designed her services to cater to this style brokerage. 

In her words, "I hand select the best brokerages from around the country that I would consider joining if I were in their market, and launch customized training programs to help their agents gain a leg up on the competition. I don't just deliver a product, I am a partner in their future success through delivering concierge type training to each brokerage that I work with."

Still skeptical? That's cool. We get it. Feel free to reach out to Alyssa personally so she can explain and more importantly, show you, why this is some of the best training in the industry.