what does your best year ever look like?

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Planning for the future is a daunting task. One that plagues agents, team leaders, and company owners alike. At Compass South, we don't think it has to be that way. We have developed a planning workshop designed to help teams and companies learn how to tackle planning their goals and ultimately achieving them to have their best year ever. 

This session covers:

  • Reflecting on 2017 - We'll dive in by helping you understand the themes of years past, goals, and so much more. Gaining a deeper understanding of your past will help you set better goals in 2018. 
  • Why Goal Setting Is Important - Sure, we all have heard that we have to have goals to make achievements, but do you and your team really understand why goal setting is such an important element of success? Learn what goals do for us mentally and how to set goals that make sense for you. 
  • How to Set Audacious Goals - Are you thinking big or merely self-sabotaging? Would you even know? Learn how to stay ambitious while maintaining a firm grasp on reality. 
  • Strategic Planning - Goals are nothing without execution. You will learn how to plan your 2018 so that your goals aren't just words on a page, but a way of life that makes you far more likely to achieve your goals! 
  • Get Your Mind Right - We will dive into how to create a winning mindset where you won't be held back by your limiting beliefs, but thriving through intentional actions. 
  • Scheduling Your Time Effectively - Learn some great skills, tips, and tricks to help manage your busy schedule more effectively. 
  • Hands-on Goal Setting Exercises.

This workshop is designed as a 4-hour session; however, it can be customized to fit your needs. We will do advance work with you/your team leader(s) to understand any dynamics that you would like to be addressed during the session, providing a truly personalized experience. Expect your team to leave with a firm grasp on their goals and their plans for 2018 to be their best year yet. 

*Now booking for 2018 sessions! For information on pricing and availability, please contact us at info@CompassSouthConsulting.com or call us at (919) 443-9418.